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Welcome to the municipality of Hemsedal. On these pages we will give an overview of the services applied by the municipality of Hemsedal. If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact the service centre in Hemsedal sentrum.


The valley of Hemsedal has a caracteristic nature where the Jotunheimen alps meets the rolling hills and wide valleys of the Eastern Norway. Hemsedal is one of six municipalities in the region of Hallingdal. The other municipalities in Hallingdal are: Hol, Ål, Gol, Nes and Flå. The entire region has approximately 20. 000 inhabitants.

Hemsedal is situated in the middle of Southern Norway. There are many alternative ways to get to Hemsedal, as the municipality is situated by the main road between Oslo and bergen. How to get here? There are good connections; you can get here either by car, express coaches or railway.

The main industries are tourism and agriculture. All-year-round tourism is very important both for the trade economy and the working situation for people in Hemsedal. During winter Hemsedal is one of Scandinavia's leading ski destinations.

The development of tourism

One of the first tourist registered in Hemsedal was the polar explorer Fritjof Nansen who visited the valley in 1898. Until 1960 tourism was of little significance in Hemsedal, it most turned on Christmas, Easter and winter tourists, together with hunting, fishing, mountain hiking. The main trade was still agriculture. The development of Hemsedal as a ski resort first started in 1961 when the first ski lift was build.
Until 1980 the development was quite conservative, but from the years 1980-1985 there was a significant growth and new hotels, apartments, cabins, restaurants and shops have been built and new activities and attractions have been developed. The largest growth has been from 1985 until today.

The summer tourism has grown along with the winter. One special tradition that Hemsedal has kept alive is bringing the cattles up to the mountains to spend summer at the summer farm. Hemsedal and Hallingdal have many mountain farms open for tourist.

During summer Hemsedal's strength is the beautiful lountain landscapes, a wide range of activities and the short distance to the Sognefjord.  

Contact information


Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 3:0 a.m., Monday through Friday

The switchboard is open from 9:00 a.m. 

Address:                                Billing Address:

Hemsedal kommune              Hemsedal Kommune
Hemsedalsvegen 2889           v/Felleskontoret for fakturabehandling
3560 Hemsedal                      Postboks 153 
                                               3541 Nesbyen                                                     

                                               Electronic address in EHF format:


Phone number:                     

31 40 88 00                            

Contact for documents, letters, or official inquiries:

E-mail: postmottak@hemsedal.kommune.no 

For questions regarding municipal services and assistance:

E-mail: tenestetorget@hemsedal.kommune.no


Municipality number:           Bank giro payments: Bank giro taxes:

0618                                       2367 20  14964                      6345 06 06 180 

Organizational number: 964 952 701



Tenestetorget, the public information office in Hemsedal, is located at the municipal building in the center of Hemsedal. We provide information about municipal services that are available to the public, but are also available to answer other questions you may have as well. We can answer questions about schools and kindergarten in Hemsedal, building permits, public health services, housing allowance, social services, and much more. If we cannot assist you, we try our best to refer you to the right agency or guide you in the right direction. 

Our office is open from 9:00 am to 3:0 pm, Monday through Friday. 

Telephone: 31 40 88 00

E-mail: tenestetorget@hemsedal.kommune.no


Property/lots for sale

Below is a link to two different sites. One is the residential lots for sale in Hemsedal by Hemsedal kommune, the other one is a more public site. If you are interested in purchasing or reserving a public lot please contact the public information office, Tenestetorget, at Hemsedal Municipality.

Available lots sold by Hemsedal Kommune. (nb: site in norwegian)

Lots sold by other, Finn.no (nb: site in norwegian)

School and kindergarden

There are two kindergarden/pre schools in Hemsedal. One located at Ulsåk and the other at Tuv. Primary school for children up to 4th grade are also located in a neaby building.

The school for children from 5th to 10th grade, Hemsedal barne- og ungdomsskule, is located in the county centre. The library is also located here.

Tuv Oppvekstsenter:
Telephone: 31 40 89 61

Ulsåk Oppvekstsenter:
Telephone: 31 40 89 75

Hemsedal Barne- og ungdomsskule
Telephone: 31 40 89 05

SFO – Before and after school program

SFO is a before and after school program for students from 1st to 4th grade, and for students from 1st to 7th grade with special needs. It is also available for these students on non-instructional days such as teacher work days. 

SFO is designated as a safe place for children to spend before and after school; and a place that gives children care and supervision and opportunity to play and participate in recreational and cultural activities. 

The registration and application is completed online and the deadline is March 1. 


Applicants who apply outside of the application and registration period must specify desired start date. Students are then accepted based on current availability. 


The registration and application is completed online. The application forms are in Norwegian. 

When to use the electronic application form: 

  • You are a new applicant
  • You have SFO coverage, but want to change SFO location
  • You have SFO coverage, but want to change days
  • You have SFO coverage, but want to add or reduce days
  • You have SFO coverage and want to cancel coverage. 

To access the online application form, please click here. 

There are two ways to apply electronically: 

New applicant (Ny bruker)

You may register and create a user identification under Ny bruker. If you select this option you can save a copy of and update your application, create pre-filled personal information, and have an overview of previous applications that have been sent.

After you have registered as a new applicant, you select Logg inn to access the application form. 

Go directly to application form (Direkte til skjema)

If you select this option, you can go directly to the application form without registering. You will not be able to create a user identification or save a copy of your application. 


Changing coverage

You may change existing coverage by using the online application. The following are eligible reasons: 

  • You have SFO coverage, but whish to change SFO location
  • You have SFO coverage, but wish to change days
  • You have SFO coverage, by wish to add or reduce days 

Please specify the date the new coverage will begin. Approval will be based on current availability. If you apply for reduction in coverage, the application deadline is one month before the desired change is to take place, and is applied from the first of the month after the notice is received.

Example: If the application is received October 15th, the change will take effect December 1st. If the application is received September 30th, the change will take effect November 1st

Cancelling coverage

You may cancel SFO coverage by using the online application. Please specify the date the cancellation will take effect. The cancellation deadline is one month before the last date is to take place, and is applied from the first of the month after the notice is received. Example: If the notice is received October 15th, the cancellation date will take effect December 1st. If the notice is received September 30th, the cancellation date will take effect November 1st.

Payment rate school

Link til SFO 


It you have questions about the registration process or if you need help filling out the application forms, please contact Servicetorget, the public information office at Hemsedal Municipality. 

Hemsedal cultural school

Hemsedal Cultural School offer instruction in music, song, dance, theatre, and arts; and is available for all children and youth living in Hemsedal. 

The school’s objective is to develop the students creative and artistic talent and abilities, and to give them knowledge and insight in their field of interest and studies. In addition, the goal is to give the students a general understanding of arts and culture. 

The school plays an important and significant role in the community, and has contributed many great talents to both the schools and the cultural society in Hemsedal. 

The registration and application is completed online. The application forms are in Norwegian. 

To access the online application form, please click here. 

Contact information:

Telephone: 31 40 88 05

Child welfare service 

The main purpose of the child welfare service is to provide timely help and support to children and young people who live in conditions that may be harmful to their health or development, and to make sure they grow up in safe and secure surroundings. (Source: http://www.regjeringen.no/

To read more about the child welfare service, please click here to access the website at



Please call the local child welfare office at 32 08 53 10 if you have difficulties you wish to discuss or if you are concerned about someone you care about. 

For acute needs outside of normal opening hours please call: 

Police 32 08 61 00 or 02800 

Emergency phone numbers children/youth


The emergency telephone (alarmtelefonen) is for children who have been exposed to neglect, violence and sexual abuse. Children may use the emergency telephone, but it is also for adults who are concerned about children and young adults.  The service is free of charge. 

The emergency phone is available when the local child welfare service is closed. Children who need help can call from 3:00 pm to 8:00 am on weekdays and the phone is open 24 hours on weekends and holidays. 

Emergency telephone (Alarmtelefonen): 116 1111

E-mail: alarm@116111.no 

Available hours:

Monday thru Friday 3:00 pm to 8:00 am

Weekends and holidays open 24 hours 

Clinic 116 117

When necessary, Police or Emergency Clinic will call the child welfare specialist on duty. 

For life/health threatening emergencies: 

112  Police

113  Ambulance

110  Fire 

Family counseling service 

FAMILY COUNSELING  SERVICE (Familievernkontoret Hallingdal) 

The Family Counselling Service is for families, couples, single people, young and adults. 

Counselling is available for those who would like to know more about communication skills, conflict solutions, generational gaps, grievance and loss, sexuality, relationships, family relations, and mediation etc. 

We invite you to join us for a conversation. Although we do not perform “miracles”, we work to help you find a solution that will help you and/or your family. 

The counselling service is affiliated with the state church, but it is an independent establishment. It has an operating agreement with the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth, and Family affairs. 

Contact information:

Telephone: 32 08 11 75 

Familievernkontoret  Hallingdal

Torget 5

3570 Ål 

Mailing address: Postboks 119, 350 Ål 

E-mail: kf.hallingdal@bufetat.no 

Hallingdal crisis center for women 


HallingdalCrisis Center provides protection and services to women and children who live with domestic violence. The shelter is available 24 hours a day. 

We give protective shelter in acute crisis. We offer counselling for resident at the shelter and others who need help in difficult situations at home. We give direction and guidance and help victims sort through available help through other governmental services if this is needed.

The goal is to help women become independent and take charge of their own life. We put great focus on children security and welfare, and are dedicated to reduce the damages domestic violence can do to children. 

Contact information:

Telephone: 32 07 52 50 

E-mail: post@hallingdalkrisesenter.no



According to NAV’s homepage, the administrations main goal is to: 

  • Get more people into work and activities, and have fewer on welfare benefits

  • Maintain a well-functioning labour market

  • Provide the right services and benefits at the right time

  • Provide good services tailored to the user’s needs and circumstances

  • Maintain a comprehensive and efficient labour and welfare administration


    The services provided by NAV will vary from local government. Below is a list of the minimum services requirements. 

    NAV Services 

  • Family and pension services

  • Occupational rehabilitation

  • Sickness benefit

  • Aids/applications

  • Advice and follow-up

  • Financial social help from the local authority 

    (source: NAV homepage)


    NAV Hemsedal & Gol is located at Hemsedal municipality building on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

    Opening hours: 10:00 a.m.–15:00 p.m., Wednesday and Friday. 

    Telephone: 55 55 33 33 

    Homepage: www.nav.no

Public dental office

Dentists are located in the building to Sprebanken 1 Hemsedal, 1st floor, Hemsedal tannklinikk, telephone 32 06 01 37.
There are one private dentist, Margareth Bøhn, at the 2nd floor, telephone 32 06 07 57.

BuskerudCounty is responsible for the public dental care and for quality and preventative care for all residents. The objective is to promote dental health and inform what each individual can do to maintain good dental hygiene and health. The following groups are offered regular/free dental care: 

  • Children and youth from birth to 18 years of age.
  • People who have a physical handicap
  • Elderly, people with long-term illness, and the disabled
  • Youth from 18 to 20 years of age (part of dental plan covered) 


Opening hours: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Contact telephone: 99 35 15 55 

The on call service is available from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., including weekends and holidays. 

The dentist on call will treat acute needs such as toothache, pain, and tooth damage. Inquires after 6:00 p.m. must wait until the next day. 

The patient must visit the dentist on duty, and may at times have to travel to another municipality. 

In addition to regular fees, the patient will pay higher rates during weekends and holidays