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Extreme weather "Hans" - update Thursday 10.08.

Weather forecast do not report rain the next 48 hours. There is still flood and risk of landslides in Hemsedal area. Please take precautions and follow  advice from emergency authorities! Carefully consider whether journeys are necessary.                                                Please note that water must be boiled  before drinking!

Wednesday 09.08.2023:

Please note that water for the time beiing must be boiled before drinking

Read boil water advisory here

Information in English: https://www.yr.no/en/extreme/hans 

There have been no reported new incidents of a serious nature since Tuesday, but there is still a great risk of landslides, and unsafe ground conditions along water/watercourses.

Health preparedness is still high.
We have a very serious situation for region Hallingdal, and the municipality is preparing possible assistance for neighboring municipalities. We maintain Kyrkjestugu as a possible evacuation centre, but the center will not have permanent staffing - further contact information will be provided upon arrival.

Report to the municipality if you see that roads or other thoroughfares are affected by flooding. Pay particular attention to landslides. Water/sewer hotline: 416 94 040.

The water level in rivers and streams is still extremely high. Hemsedal kommune ask all residents to be careful and follow advice given by central authorities.


Recommendations from central authorities:

  • Stay informed on the situation
  • Secure and/or move assets away from vulnerable areas (car, caravan along rivers/streams, basements)
  • Cleaning of drainage paths and culverts is recommended
  • Keep away from rivers and streams with high flow

Emergency authorities must be prepared for the fact that building and infrastructure in general may be subject to serious incidents


  • Local flooding and/or erosional damage in streams and small rivers
  • Extensive floods, erosion damage and flood damage to buildings and infrastructure
  • May cause closed roads and bridges

Sist endret: 10.08.2023